53/F/AT looking for a penpal working in a Botanic garden

Dear fellow Postcrossers,

lately I have been thinking about looking for another snail mail penfriend. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would totally love to correspond, by hand (only occasionally by typed letters), with someone who works in a Botanic Garden. Someone who has a passion for plants, like I do, and would tell me about their work.

If you have a look at my official profile and feel there are similarities in taste and interests (apart from plants) and you would feel comfortable writing to me, please get in touch.


I see my – and your – writing as a dialogue, that just takes a bit longer than on the phone or by e-mail. You write a letter, I reply, then it is your turn again. I like questions to be answered and my letters to be commented. I do likewise.

We can correspond in German or English.

The length of our letters should make the postage worthwhile. I’d rather wait a bit longer for a long letter. Not all letters are written in one go.

Someone (more or less) close to my age, mid-50s, would be ideal, but as a friend once said: you are never your age, you are either 16 or 100!!! So, let’s say, mid-40s up to any age would be super!

I have had pen pals since primary school and decades long experience tells me: if I am good, I am very good, but if I am bad, I am very bad. Meaning: sometimes I write back within a week, sometimes it can take months though.

Everyone has a life besides letter-writing.

It would be nice to get/send information, when letters get sent/are received, by private (Postcrossing) message. Other than that I really prefer snailmail.

I would love to exchange postcards occasionally also.

I use, and like, special stamps and pretty papers are also much appreciated.

If all of that sounds good to you, I would love to read from you! :green_heart:

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I have visited a botanical garden for sure. But never worked in one. I think I have left it too late to make it a career choice. I retired three years ago and vowed never to work again. So far, that is working out really well for me. I’m not even sure I could name a single botanical plant. Is cactus a correct answer?
Best wishes, Ian.

I have left it too late to make it a career choice also! Too bad! :grinning:

I admire children that, at a tender age, already know, what they want to become one day!!! :open_mouth:

I still don’t know (haha), so I only work for a living. In a job, not a vocation. :roll_eyes:

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I can tell already: my request is a huge hit! :joy:

But maybe someone finds my ad irresistible. Ideally someone, who loves plants a lot and is not afraid to write about it?! :wink:

Before this gets closed: I am still looking! :slight_smile:

My sister would be a great match :slight_smile:. She loves plants and works as a green maintenance employee for our city. She likes to travel and collect seeds on her trips. Only problem is that she isn’t on post crossing :pensive: but I may can persuade her :wink:

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It would be lovely if you could ask her, tamara84! :slight_smile: If she can imagine writing letters in English or German, that would be fine, she doesn’t need to be a Postcrosser for that! :smiley: