43 F / USA / Looking for postcard PenPals! French or English speaking!

Hello! I’m Tina, from Illinois, USA - I’d love to have postcard penpals. I am a teacher - I speak English and French. Let’s send random cards and notes! It’s so fun to get more than bills in the post!

International pals welcomed; USA pals equally so!

Send a message with your address!


Tina :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Cmleonard630, @GnarlyBarley - just a heads up, you both posted your addresses publicly here in the thread, in your respective posts.

I’m going to flag them for the admins to delete (if you edit your post, the old content is still visible in the edit history).

Thank you - I’ll repost without it. My apologies!

So Sorry,

The new REQUEST , written by @Cmleonard630 :smiley: .