42/F Canada (Toronto) Looking for Penpals

Hello Friends!

I have some wonderful penpals I have found through this forum, but looks like I have some space for a few more. (My user name was RunLeahRun in the old Forum), but here I am under my Primary Postcrossing account!

About me:

  • live in Toronto, Canada;
  • a tax accountant by day;
  • a runner;
  • a cat enthusiast;
  • enjoy all things urban;
  • interested in WWII history;
  • learning Hebrew and Spanish; can also speak Russian, but not incredibly fluent now;
  • love being outside, especially when it is warm;
  • love learning new things and challenging my brain,
  • love road trips, even though I may complain that I am bored in the midst of it;
  • love LADY GAGA (paws up, Little Monsters!)
  • enjoy cycling, yoga, all kinds of fitness;
  • love reading but do not have much time for it, when I do read, I love fiction;
  • very much into politics and current news;
  • love podcasts;
  • normally write medium length letters.
  • whatever you want to chat about, I am up for it - either daily life or serious life topics.


  • any age, any gender, as long as you are somewhat fluent in English, I do not discriminate :smile: platonic only of course. I am married.
  • if we have different interests, but you think we should be pals, that is fine, it is kinda boring to be surrounded by people who are exactly like you!
  • I am looking for long-term pals, and I always reply, sometimes with a delay, particularly around around March-April, when work is very busy.
  • Willing to write the first letter.

Message me if you think we could be pals!
Fun fact about me: I got married in Vegas.


Hi there. I am 40 will be 41 this year. I actually live in Las Vegas, if you would like a penpal from there. I saw you got married here in Vegas. I am not married, but do have a boyfriend of 14 years. No kids. I love cats.

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Hey, interested for sure. Will message you :slight_smile:

Sure, I am interested :slight_smile: message me?

Hi there!

Are you still looking?

Iā€™m Dutch, almost 45, am married to my Swedish Viking and we have 4 cats.

I love writing letters (am not good at decorating and such though), reading books and take walks. I also love a good laugh. Music is also part of my life, love all kinds of music.

Hope to hear from you!

Yup still looking. :slight_smile: will message you.