41 femal Germany is searching for penpals and postcardpals to expand knowledge

*** 19.02.2021 Thanks for all answers. I found enough penpals/postcard pals. ***

Hello and greetings from Hamburg in Germany, where I (femal, 41 years old) live since some years. I love this amazing city because it is diversified.

Usually I am outdoor and discover new places by my hobby “Geocaching”. I love to expand my knowledge. By the way I often spend my time for wheelmapping.

In my freetime I love to solve rubiks cube. I own about 20 different rubiks cubes. Sometimes I visit the airport and watch the planes. Every airport faszinates me because the structure and processes.

Because I do not like to fly, I am glad if you write me fascinating facts of your home town or your country or your hobby and so on. I want to know more about procedures in other countrys.

I am new by postcrossing and my english is often simple, sorry.


My name is Petar Bojanic, I’m from Serbia, would you be interested in penpaling with me ?

Hello Petar Bojanic,

thanks for your message.
I found enough penpals by my forum post.
Now I write a lot of letters.

But if you are interested in postcard pal, we can start.
Do you want?

Many regards, Liane

Hi Liane,
Well thanks for offering, but I’m looking more for penpal
All the best,
Petar B.

Hello I like Geocaching perhaps we could write.

Hello J-Francis,

did you recieved my adress per profil-message?

Many greetings from Hamburg, Germany.
Liane (ximozzem)