38 y/o Spanish bloke looking for female penpals

Hey everyone,

I’m a chilled out Spanish guy (Catholic) living in northeastern Spain (province of Girona), with amazing nature to enjoy not too far from my location… I’ve recently taken an increased interest in alternative forms of medicine (nutritional, herbal, vitamins, natural anti-inflammatory agents, etc) as effective ways to overcome many of the health problems that seem to afflict so many people these days, so I’d be interested in corresponding with people having similar views with regards to medicine (in particular the problems associated with regular so called “allopathic medicine”. I enjoy the outdoors, even in the midst of the current situation! A healthy regular dose of exercise (I love swimming) is a must for me (even if it is only taking a lengthy walk!). I enjoy photography too; I would definitely have added some extra photos to the profile if this was possible.

I love genuine liberty and freedom - I don’t agree with the ever increasing restrictions being imposed on citizens (I don’t suscribe to any particular political ideology, but the closest that I’d come is probably some kind of conservative Libertarianism). At any rate, I very much respect the courageous activism of someone like RFK Jr (Democrat), so you can see that I don’t care too much for political labels! My philosophy in life is this: look at what others DO, not what they SAY (I abhor hypocrisy and duplicity).

Penpalling has always been a hobby of mine - I’ve always greatly appreciated people taking the time to share their stories, thoughts, and emotions with me in writing, also giving me the opportunity to learn about life and culture in other parts of the globe! So, if you are interested in sharing thoughts and ideas, I would most certainly appreciate hearing from you!

Thanks for taking the time to read through this and have a great and blessed day! :slight_smile:

PS I can be contacted in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Catalan.

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Hello, I’m Jenny (39) from Oregon, USA. Not sure I know very much about holistic medicine, but it would be interesting to check into it. Anyways if you want to keep in touch DM me

Hello! I am passionate about the same topics.
I used to work on a raw milk dairy where it was all about “alternative” medicines and lifestyles — especially freedom from government restriction. The main theme is producing traditional, nourishing foods and the use of high-dose vitamin C / ascorbic acid.
So hit me up if all that sounds interesting! I love writing loooooong letters :upside_down_face::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: