36/ M/ Lithuania looking for penpals around the globe

Hello. My name is Virgis. I’m 36 years old from Eastern Europe, Lithuania.
I’m looking for penpals to exchange ideas, experiences and hopes.
I had a very beautiful penpal friendship when I was at school. Writing letters got in my memory as something very beautiful.
I like interesting, sincere people.
I’m interested in healthy lifestyle, reading books, and doing the next right thing in life .
If you think that it would be a good idea to write letters to each other, let me know :wink:


Hello, I’m Jenny (39) from Canby, Oregon USA. I like reading and as much adventure as my family life and job permit. If you would like to keep in touch DM me for my address

Hello Jenny. Yes I would like to write letters to each other :wink: tell me your adress and I will send you first letter

Hello virgis, Snailmails,penpals ,travelling,stamps, reading etc are my interests and I love a penpal from Lithuania…https://wwcoversandstamps.blogspot.com