33/F/Russia looking for penpals

My name is Evgenia, Im from Russia. Id be happy to find some regular penpals!
I am an introvert, and it is easier for me to communicate by letters, in addition, now I am on maternity leave and my social circle has become very narrow. So sometimes I feel lonely. And also I like to study geography and history, learn new things about different countries, so it is very interesting for me to communicate with a person from another country!
I love gardening, I recently moved to the countryside and this year I will plant flowers near my house :slight_smile: I love literature, travel and try new things. I love doing things with my own hands. I love nature and animals very much.
I will be happy to talk with anyone who wants to write to me!
Thank you!


Hello Evgenia,
I have sent you a personal message!

Евгения, привет))Меня зовут Виктория, мне 21 год и я из Беларуси, была бы счастлива обмениваться с тобой письмами))

i would love to be penpals if you are interested.

Pm’in you :slight_smile:

Sending a PM

ciao Eugenia anche io sono una mamma!Tu scrivi in italiano? Io ho 36 anni e abito in Italia! Se ti va scrivimi pure e ci scambiamo gli indirizzi!

Hi Evgenia:
My name is José Luis, I am a Spanish boy who lives in the city of La Coruña, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Commercial work in a food company, with which I spend my days talking to diverse people. I love sports and listening to music. I have been a postcrossing member for a very short time and I really like to contact people from other places. I’m a collector of stadium postcards, big and small, from around the world. I would like to know if you could help me in my collection and if we could exchange postcards. If you can find for me postcards of stadiums in your country or other places, please contact me as I could find postcards of the topics that interest you and I think we could make very good exchanges. It would be very good for both!
If not, you can also contact me to talk about what you want since as I wrote before, I really like to meet people from other places. Anything you want to ask me, I’ll be happy to answer you and if you look for any theme on postcards, I’ll try to help you.
If you prefer to write me an email, my address is: cacrack@yahoo.es
I await your news, thanks for your attention.
Greetings from La Coruña


I’d love to be penpals with you! I’m 33/F/USA and we have some things in common. Let me know if you’re interested!

Hi! I would love to be penpals. I am a 37 year old geography/history teacher in Oklahoma. We have a lot in common. Let me know if you are interested.