29/M/Austria looking for regular stamp swaps from a penpal


I’m an avid stamp collector who would like to trade or swap stamps regularly (once a month or so) rather than simply order them online. I’d be interested to send and receive nice covers tailored to each person’s tastes and interests. I always like to see the most recent historical or most beautiful stamps from around the world, but I often want to learn more about them or from the people who actually live there. Wouldn’t it be nice to exchange and tell some interesting stories at the same time?

Austria always has some of most interesting stamps (in my opinion) including the recent COVID-19 toilet paper stamp featuring a baby elephant. But as we get to know each other, I can send whatever is available in Austria or on my travels (…whenever we are all allowed to travel again).

Possible countries of interest:

  • Asia:
    Central Asia, especially Kyrgyzstan

  • Europe:
    Czech Republic
    Faroe Islands

This list is not exhaustive so if you think your country has cool stamps and you like to share them, let me know. However, I’m not so interested in countries with many or only self-adhesive stamps–sorry.

I’m fluent in English and German if anyone wants to improve those languages. Besides stamps, I also follow space news and am a big history fan.

Ideally, I’d make about five new ‘stamp pals’ for now. I can’t wait!

Hi! How are you?
I am from Turkey. If you send me a letter I will reply as soon as possible

This sounds so cool! I haven’t received many Austrian stamps, so I’m very interested. Already sent you a message.

I like stamp collecting very much, and I also have some Austrian stamps. My favorite set is “beautiful Austria”, which is very exquisite.
Greetings from China

Message sent

Hello freind, i am in penpals and stamp exchange…https://wwcoversandstamps.blogspot.com