28/F/USA - First time requesting penpal(s)


As stated in the title, I’m looking for a pen pal, or two, to write to. I would like to chat with someone around my age, but ultimately it doesn’t really matter. I don’t do much but work, play xbox and binge watch different TV shows and movies.

The past year has been pretty hard on me in many different ways, so I’m looking for somebody who doesn’t mind me venting on occasion. Please don’t take that as me being a Negative Nancy, I just think sometimes it’s easier to vent/release to people who don’t actually know you.

A little more about me; I love music and I am constantly singing random songs throughout the day. I’m a huge fan of American football and basketball. I love having hearing conspiracy theories even though I don’t necessarily believe in all of them. I’m willing to talk about any serious topic as long as the person I’m conversing with is as open to various opinions as I am. As I mentioned earlier, I’m always watching something and majority of the time it’s crime documentary related.

If you’re interested you can either comment on here, or just send me a message. Also, If you rather exchange postcards with simple messages or random hellos that is fine with me. Just let me know! :slight_smile:

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Hey Kendy,
I’d be interested in being your penpal! I’m about to head to bed though so I’ll write a more detailed message tomorrow!

Howdy Kendy,
If you are looking for a pen pal feel free to add me I love talking about anything and everything.

Sounds good! Can’t wait to hear from you!

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I’ll send you a message later this evening! Thank you!

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