28.6.- 30.6.2024 6. Niedersachsenmeeting Osnabrück Rulle

It was most probably a RAS card then, sent by @Snamreh :blush:, Reporting it here (as you did) is a valid option!

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I was trying to register via Postcrossing :slight_smile: but the team point me this forum Topic :slight_smile: Strange RAS, since I have no idea how my address arrived to @snamreh :slight_smile:

As she was tagged here now, she will probably let you know once she read it :blush:

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Thank you so much @midnatsol for this wonderful meetup card and thank you to everyone who signed it! :hugs:

thank you @inger71 and all who signed the card for me. Hope you had an awesome time.

Happy midsummar, stay confident and see you, sometime, somewhere

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You are welcome, my friend! When do you come back to Norway? I will have some beer ready for us. :grinning:

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Danke Waltraud und alle Mitstempler für eure Karte.