25 June 2022 -- NW Washington -- Whidbey Island (Freeland)

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Whidbey Island (Freeland), Washington, USA
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Crabby Coffee @ WiFire Community Space, 1651 E. Main St., Freeland WA 98249
:calendar: DATE: Saturday - 25 June 2022
:alarm_clock: TIME: 10am - Noon PDT
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

Come and chat about all things Postcrossing with those people who live in your computer!

We’ll meet at Crabby Coffee at WiFire Community Space in Freeland. There is ample parking (with additional street parking if needed), with seating inside and out. There’s a tempting menu of sandwiches, pastries, coffee and non-coffee drinks, and other yummies if you want to eat or drink, as well as many other great restaurants and cafes in South Whidbey. WiFire has 1Gb WiFi service, as well.

Custom postcards will be available for PRE-ORDER AND PREPAID ONLY and should be picked up at the event. See details in the event comments following.

There are MANY things to do to spend a beautiful day on Whidbey Island, but one event in particular that may be of interest is the annual Whidbey Island Garden Tour. Visit www.wigt.org for details!

SPREAD THE WORD! There are many Postcrossers in NW Washington who may not be aware of this Meetup forum section – invite them to join us, as well as friends who are just curious about Postcrossing and want to find out what it’s all about!

Note: If coming to the island by ferry (Mukilteo/Clinton and Coupeville/Port Townsend routes), plan to arrive EARLY as Summer is peak tourist season on the island, and long ferry lines can form. Also, check Washington State Ferry alerts (wsdot.com/ferries/schedule/bulletin.aspx) after 9:30 the night before – staffing issues have caused WSDOT to reduce ferry service to a single boat on occasion. Look for “WSF Alternate Schedule Update for Saturday, June 25”.


Custom postcards for the meetup will be available if there are enough pre-ordered to make it practical. If I am able to order at least 100, the cost per card will be 50 cents OR LESS – possibly as low as 30 cents/per card if we can order enough!

Cards must be PRE-ORDERED and PREPAID by May 25. There may be a few cards available for purchase at the meetup, but pre-ordering is the ONLY way to assure you will get cards.

  1. Cards must be ordered in multiples of TEN – 10, 20, 30, etc. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  2. To order, send a message on Postcrossing to “jwnewman53” (User jwnewman53, from United States of America) with your FULL NAME, email address, and the number of cards wanted.

  3. Cards must be ordered by MAY 25 – NO EXCEPTIONS.

  4. I have to deal with the quirkiness of price breaks on VistaPrint-- would you believe 250 cards are cheaper than 200?? See details further below in this message.

  5. Initial price will be 50 cents per card, but I’m confident (or at least hopeful) we can get that down to 30 cents or even less if enough are ordered.

  6. When I get your order on Postcrossing, I will let you know how to remit payment.

  7. Cards are to be picked up at the meetup. HOWEVER – if you want cards and can’t make it to the event, I will mail them to you for an additional $2 per order. DO NOT request mail delivery if you expect to have them for the meetup — I cannot guarantee they would arrive in time.

  8. You will pay 50 cents per card, plus postage if you’ve requested mailing. If I am able to lower the price of the cards, you will receive a refund for the difference in price when you pick up your cards.

How I’m dealing with price quirks:

  1. If the total of pre-ordered cards is VERY close to a favorable price break, I’ll probably just suck it up and buy the extra cards myself. Otherwise . . . .

  2. Everybody who ordered will get at least 10 cards. Then, anyone who ordered 20 or more cards will get another 10. Same thing for 30, 40, 50 . . . lather, rinse, repeat. EXCEPT the final iteration of this may be 5 cards.

  3. You will only pay for the cards you receive – so if I’m unable to give you a full order, you’ll get a refund for the difference.


Oh my goodness! I’ve been trying to plan a trip up to Whidbey this summer! I wonder if I can swing it!

Either way can I put in an order? Sending you a PM!

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I will be glad to exchange )))

I saw in your PM that you are looking at flights. If you weren’t already aware, there is now airline service at Paine Field in Everett, very close to the Mukilteo ferry. Depending on where you’re coming from, you’d probably have to make a connection, but you’d avoid the traffic at SeaTac.

love to swap

Hey Jim!

Keeks here from the May 7th meet-up! I have your meet-up in my calendar, hoping life schedule will allow me to attend. There are some current things out of my control :blush: but I love coming to Whidbey for a day trip!

Keep you updated! I won’t order cards due to me potentially not know if I’ll be able to make it.

Keep Posting!

Hi Jim! I’m hopeful I will make it with my hubby. We are planning to rent an AirBnB on Whidbey so it will be easier to get to the meetup. (I’m not a morning person). I have some questions for you regarding the location and the cards. I’ll pm you. Thanks! Hallie

I will totally be there! Just sent you a pm for the card order! So excited!! :heart:


A reminder to let me know ASAP if you want meetup postcards. I have to have your order, and your money, in hand BY MAY 25 to make sure I can get them in time for the event.

So far, we have firm orders for 90 cards, plus one person who hasn’t told me yet how many cards they want. I have to order at least 100, and from there in multiples of 50. The cost per card actually goes UP a few pennies at 150, and I don’t mind eating that little bump to keep your cost to 50 cents. But if we can get to 200, to cost per card drops to 45 cents, and if we can get to 250, it’ll drop all the way to 30 cents. And again, when you pay I will ask you to pay the flat 50 cents/card rate but will give you a refund if the actual cost drops below that due to order volume.

If you want cards, order them NOW – either by Messenger in Facebook (only if you are a member of the Puget Sound Postcrossing Group), PM here in the Postcrossing Forum (jwnewman53), or by message via my Postcrossing profile User jwnewman53, from United States of America. I need your real name, your email address, number of cards, and your address if you want them mailed to you. (Reminder – $2/order extra if you want them mailed, and there’s no guarantee you’ll get them before the event.) Between now and May 25 I’ll let you know your payment options.


Hello! I have been able to make the decision! I am going to come to the meet-up. I would like to order some cards from you @jwnewman53 - will send a message separately.




See you all there! I put my order in on Facebook, Jim. I would LOVE them to be mailed to me so I can prepare them ahead of time. Just include that fee in my order pretty please. Looking forward to it!

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Reminder: Next Wednesday, May 25, at 6:00 p.m. is the deadline for ordering meetup postcards.

This evening I sent a confirmation e-mail with payment instructions to everyone who I know has ordered so far, so if you didn’t get an e-mail (check your spam!) get back to me pronto!

And if you DID get an e-mail, make sure it’s correct – I’ve been ill recently so there’s a chance some brain fog slipped in.

Thank you for the reminder :heart:

Unfortunately paypal and zell seem to hate me, so im going to have to cancel my order :frowning:

I will still be at the meetup! Just with normal cards :laughing:

Cards have been ordered! Due to volume and a 15% discount code, I was able to get the cost down to $0.30/card, so all who ordered and paid for cards will get a little cash back.

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I like to swap

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I just happened to notice this. I would love to attend. I have never been to Whidbey Island before. I live in Bellingham.

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@Kristin1129 we’re looking forward to seeing you there!

I’ll bring my whole blank postcard stash!

I am happy to trade with anyone who has extra blank cards and wants to trade to get some variety :slight_smile:


I will be glad to exchange )))

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