25 February 2023 - Montclair California Meetup (SoCal)

Thank you, Van for the shout-out! Just a small clarification, the stickers are generic (not Postcrossing themed) but they are cute! :smiley:
Hope to see you guys if you can make it. Thanks again Van for putting this together!!



Hello! I know im a bit late here, but would it be possible for me to join in still? I’ve never been to a meet up before but this is local enough, id like to gain experience.
I know I wont have custom meet up cards but maybe I can bring some from my home?


hi @plantsinapot so glad you can make it. We are a friendly group and love meeting new faces.

We still have 20 cards available. Would you like to order 10 for now? I’d like to leave some for other participants that may register late. If there are any available on meetup day, you can order more (if you like). Or, if you prefer, you may bring your own postcards to sign.

If you don’t have a signature stamp or sticker, I highly recommend looking into getting one. Otherwise hand signing is great too as long as you do not mind signing hundreds of cards.

Lastly, I am preparing small goodie bags, would you like for me to write it as “Plants in a Pot” or would you prefer another name?

Looking forward to meeting and chatting with you!

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I would love to purchase some cards from you! I will be able to pay at the time of the event. Please reserve 10 for me :slight_smile:
I will be able to make a stamp for my username in the meantime, so thank you for the heads up!!
And for my name, Mikeas, please.

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Hi Mikeas,

Happy you can join. Since it’s your first time, one last thing about the stamp. When you go to meetups, most likely there will be a lot of stamping and signing. The smaller the stamp the better. I would say 1in or smaller would be perfect.

I will get your packet together today!


Hello :slight_smile:
I would love to swap this meetup postcard!
My offer is from Rio de Janeiro Meetup:

The meetup will be next saturday (feb 11), here.

Please contact me, if you are interested :blush:

Thank you :blossom:


That would be fun!
Send me your address!

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Hi @Vandelion I had a doubt about the postcard, is the front uncoated matte?

Hi @geetikasinha7

Yes it’s uncoated matte front and back. I’ve tested out the stamping and it stamps wells.

Pls reach out if you would like to change your order. We do welcome attendees to bring your own postcards if you prefer as well.


Awesome, 10 is good for me thanks! I have sent you the payment via Zelle :slight_smile:

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Hi, all! To make it easy to find us, here’s a link to a map, with directions, to Montclair Place and its Moreno St. Market Food Hall: Montclair Meetup Map. You should be able to download this.


I haven’t sent any postcards this past week as I’m saving my allotment for the Meetup! Currently I have 13 official Postcrossing addresses to request and I’m hoping for more. I have my special Peeps that have kindly asked for a Meetup card. I look forward to meeting all of you.
Lynne (Lynneizle)


That sounds great! I hope more slots will open up for you.

I believe the Montclair Post Office is just down the street from where we will be. I can collect any cards that are ready to be sent out and drop them off on my way home!


Perfect! At my Meetup I had 2 boxes for outgoing postcards that were ready to mail and it was fun to count them. We counted grand total and Postcrosser total.

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Will do :slight_smile:


Guessing everyone is well aware of the impending storm & flood watch. Montclair may get over 5" of rain Friday through Saturday. Sad to say it, but this may delay or impede getting to the meetup venue. If too many can’t make it (I’m on the fence at the moment), might there be a rescheduling?


Starting to get a flurry of snow, but not sticking!
Update: It’s sticking! :snowman:

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We have to come down Cajan Pass so there is a real chance we will not be able to make it on Saturday :cry: I’m holding out hope. We will see.

I like the idea of seeing how many people at this stage think they might be able to make it with the weather.

I don’t mind driving in a flurry of snow going down the Cajon Pass. But if the snow is heavy the Pass will likely be shut down.

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