25/F/France/Germany searching for Penpal from USA/Japan/Russia

Hello there!
I live in the tri-border region France/Germany/Switzerland & I’m looking for some long term Penpal friends from Japan, USA and Russia.
It would be great if you would be around my age (I’m 25 by the way) :blush:
Something about myself:
I’m studying molecular Biology, I have a lot of Hobbys like drawing, gardening (I have a big garden with some turkeys xD), reading (Mangas), writing and decorating cards, traveling (at the moment not enough time) and many more :see_no_evil:
If your interested just PM me! :slight_smile:

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Hi there! My name is Colleen, I’m 24, and live in the U.S. I know that you originally posted awhile ago, but I wonder if you’re still looking for new pen-pals? I would be thrilled, as it sounds like we have some shared interests!

Some hobbies of mine include reading, writing (mostly journaling + poetry… And snail-mail letters!), biking, yoga, slowly cultivating a regular meditation practice, and generally embracing life’s many questions with both fear and genuine curiosity! I’ll be working on an organic vegetable farm for this time in a few months. If this message intrigues you… Feel free to send me a message back, and we can coordinate. :slight_smile: