24/F/U.S. - Seeking Irish pen pal(s), but open to others!

Greetings to all! My name is Colleen, I’m 24, and live in the U.S. I can write in English, Spanish, and some shaky but ever-improving French!

Through my family’s history, I am distantly connected to the worldwide Irish diaspora and I am hoping to connect with an Irish pen pal or two (not jus to discuss Ireland, but generally to try and find and create meaning together via our letter exchanges!) – are there any Irish out there?!

I am willing to make exceptions, though! Do you live elsewhere in the world but share interests with me? Read below and reach out if so…

Some hobbies of mine include reading, writing (mostly journaling + poetry… And snail-mail letters!), biking, yoga, slowly cultivating a regular meditation practice, and generally embracing life’s many questions with both fear and genuine curiosity! If this message intrigues you… Feel free to send me a message back, and we can coordinate. :slight_smile:

pm sent