24 April 2021 Latin America Virtual Meetup!

Hope to participate. Of course, I also need a card. I’ll give you a picture of me, too

I hope to participate

I‘ d like to join. I‘ll bring in my own simultan translater( hihi… he will be in the background , sure!), because my english is only for an all day conversation. I‘d had a 90 day stay as a grandma Nanny in Connecticut, but the boys should learn German, so not much progress for me. This meetup is a good idea in those times and I‘m sure to enjoy it a lot.
„ Lesende“ from Nürnberg Germany

I have to cancel this meeting not able to make it.

I want to join this virtual meeting.I can speak English and French language.
Thank you.

Hi everyone!

Just an update. I apologize for being off the grid for a bit. I’ve been trasitioning jobs, so that’s been fun.

So, everything is going on track. The postcards should be in tomorrow! I have uploaded the front and back of the card to the post so y’all can download and print cards if you’d like.

I’d also like to say that I am working on a “signed” card design that I will make once the meetup is closer. I will upload it here too.

Hasta pronto!

Hola! Me interesa participar en esta Reunión! Gracias, Rose Sandoval

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Hello Daniel: Thank you for setting this up for all of us! I think it is a nice way to keep in touch because all the Post Office issues that some of us are facing.

I will love to join it. Is this message enough or we have to send you an email?

Big hug from Costa Rica!


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Hello!! Hola!!!
I would love to join the meet up!
As for me Spanish or English are ok…
Muchas gracias!!!

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Count me in!

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Now I know you. 876 is on my mind.

Hola! I’d like to be in the meetup too. English/Spanish/Portuguese is fine for me, thanks!

~ Francesca

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Excelente propuesta. Quiero participar. Mi idioma es el español.

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We would love to join the meeting, our first international one :slight_smile:
We are mother and daughter - both speak English, but daughter speaks Spanish as well.
Thank you so much for taking the time to organize it :slight_smile:

Sending the message with requested information.

Hello everyone!

I’ve added everyone to my list! I’ll create an updated post with everyone who’s coming soon!

Also, I’m working on the postcards! Almost done!!!

Until next time,


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Meeting list (updated 23/4/21):



Ok everyone! I bring news!

I have made the back of the postcard with everyone’s flags. YAY!

But, considering that some of us are from two places at once (like me, I’m Chilean-Argentinian and living in the USA), I made some hybrid flags to represent that. Please let me know if y’all want your flag hybridized (I made two drafts, one with hybrids and one without…just to see how they would look like).

Either way, these are just drafts. Please comment if anything seems off.

Hasta Luego!

Without hybrids:

With hybrids:


it looks just great, I have no comment. Thanks for all your work in this! I’m looking forward to coming Saturday!

Beautiful! Thank you!

For me it’s best with just the Canadian flag :slight_smile: thanks!