22 March 2023 - Nauryz meet-up

CITY/REGION: Karaganda, Kazakhstan
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Karaganda N-Abdirova str, 32, Coffeein
:calendar: DATE: 22.03.2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: 14:00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: Nauryz celebration, signing a number postcarts to swap


Ишу обмен Anmelden | VK

и я попытаю удачу в обмене swap

Hello! I want to swap this postcard with your members. These are my postcards:https://www.douban.com/photos/album/1898488782/

Буду рада обмену ))

Hello, sorry for bursting in, but this card is amazing. Is there probably a participant who wants to swap cards? Please feel free to PM me. Thank you and have a nice MeetUp. Many greetings, Zandy.

Hello! Is it possible to swap this card?
Warm wishes from Poland, Joanna

Hey @alinakali !
Loverly design of the postcard. I would love to swap for the signed meet up card. Below are the links to the cards available for swapping.
Let me know if you or anyone attending the meet up would love to swap?

Link for Maxicards available for swap -

Link for Postcards available for swap -

Thank you. :blush:

hello !i like this card!can we change?i have these cards!

I’m interested in swap this meet up card.

Hi, may I swap a meetup card ?
I could send a meetup card from Chongqing!

:four_leaf_clover: Ищу обмен. Мои альбомы Collection: Exchange