22 February 2022 - 1st POSTCROSSING Meetup - Prayagraj/Allahabad



:postbox:GoogleForm: https://forms.gle/AG41b2bkMyU8JrUH7

:world_map: CITY/REGION: PRAYAGRAJ (Earlier named ALLAHABAD)
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Philately Bureau, HEAD POST OFFICE, PRAYAGRAJ (211001)
:world_map: Code: FR3G+9XJ (https://maps.app.goo.gl/18aWQyTTuG6DAFtc6)
:calendar: DATE: 22-02-2022 (22-2-22)
:alarm_clock: TIME: 02:20 PM
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: This event is brought to you by [The Desi Philatelic Club]

FB: (The Desi Philatelic Club)
Insta: (https://www.instagram.com/desi.philatelic.club_official)

The 1st meetup in the holy city of Allahabad (now renamed Prayagraj) will commemorate the palindrome date 22-02-2022 by release of a special cancellation and 2-2-22 on the CDC (Circular Date Cancellation) at the post office and a release of an official postcard to mark the event.
The function will include discussions, games, postcard-writing, seminar and snacks.

:telephone_receiver: WhatsApp Group: (click here👉🏻) WhatsApp Gruppeneinladung

Email: thedesiphilatelist@gmail.com

*Please follow appropriate COVID-19 protocol while attending the meetup.


Exchange Address:

Aditya Singh,
53-C, Lowther Road, George Town,
Uttar Pradesh, India (211002)

You can WhatsApp me on +91 9044435490 to inquire about the activity or the club.

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Hi, may I recieved a meetup card from somebody attending this meeting?
I could offer a meetup card from Chongqing city.
Thank you.

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Sure, please fill the Google Form

Anyone interested in swapping one of my Palindrome / Twosday postcards against the postcard of your meetup?

Hello, may I recieved a meetup card from somebody attending this meeting?
Nadya Zenkova
Kapitana Kuznetsova str.43
Odessa 65069
Have a nice day!
Thank you.

I will be glad to exchange )))

Hello!I want to swap card!Contact me at511839591@qq.com!I will show you our meetup cards!Come on!!!

Yes sure, please share your address.Thanks

Please send me the 5th card. You can find my address in my profile. Thanks a lot

Share your address please, thanks

Share your address pls/

Will be glad to send you one

My address:
Alex Gao
3021,C6 Building
Yuntong Sanhaodi
Or in Chinese:
114044 辽宁省鞍山市铁东区运通叁號地C6-3021 大瓦力士

my card

OMG! Thank you very much!

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The first postcrossing meeting of Prayagraj was orchestrated by “The Desi Philately Club” on 22-2-22 (22-02-2022).

In this, a post card exhibition was organized in the Philately Bureau in collaboration with Prayagraj Division of the Department of Posts. It was inaugurated by Shri. Rajesh Kumar Srivastava, Senior Postmaster, Head Post Office, Prayagraj. The program was promoted by Public Relations Inspector, Head Post Office, Mr. Rajesh Verma.

On this occasion the club director Dr. Aditya Singh along with Mr. Anil Rastogi, Mr. Umendra Kumar Jain, Dr. Maneeshi Bansal, Mr. M. Gulrez, Adv M. Shariq, Mr. Hamza Reshad, Adv. Aman Bhardwaj, Mr. Joy Jyoti Ghosh, Mr. Kireetee Sarkar and Mr. Nooman. played an important role.

“The Desi Philately Club” also released 150 commemorative postcards that were sent to stamp lovers around the world.

This date had many specialties, the date 22 February 2022 being considered a rare date, as it is not only a palindrome but also an ambigram. If you notice, it can be written numerically as 22/02/2022, so it is a palindrome date, it is also an ambigram because it will look the same when you turn it upside down in the mirror. This rare date fell on Tuesday and people also called it Twosday.

Postcrossing is an online portal that allows its members to send and receive postcards from all over the world. The project’s tag line is “Send a postcard and get a postcard back from a random person somewhere in the world!” Its members, also known as postcrossers, send postcards to other members and return postcards from other random postcrossers. One always wonders where postcards come from. Its membership is free.

As of January 2022, Postcrossing has more than 8 million members in 208 countries, who have registered and exchanged over 60 million postcards that have traveled over 330 billion kilometers.
It currently has 10,838 members in India and has sent 3.8 lakh cards and received 3.8 lakh cards in India.

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