21-3-2021 - MEETUP Barnaul "Hello, Spring!"

:world_map:  Barnaul/Altai REGION:
:pushpin:  ** ul. Tolstogo, 2
:alarm_clock:   21/03/2021 13.00
:page_facing_up:  * A contest, a game, an exhibition of postcards, a postcard with a postcrossing logo***:

Author-Barnaul artist Nikola Petersky www.instagram.com/nikola_piter_art/
Here is how the author describes the picture, the plot of which is on the first postcard: “The elegant house of Polyakov and Yakovlev in the style of “Art Nouveau” – a charismatic “corner of Europe”. Matador and “bull” bring Spanish charm, and the girl for whom all the exploits, street gardeners and “gangster cupid” - fill with spring energy.”


could we swap a postcard of the Meeting :slight_smile:
Would be lovely, it’s an interesting picture…


Ingrid, hi! YES. Write the address.