💌 2024 Year of Postcard challenge, join us

Today my mailbox was happy, thanks to @leentjebuur for card #2

what a lovely park to go for a walk,
and also thanks to @quiddje21 for card #1

I love windmills very much.
An addition: The windmill can be found in Hamburg, Germany. You still can buy flour there :heart_eyes:


I don’t remember if I reported my card for @epd being sent, sorry. I sent it on the 4th of July.

Today I received card #6 from @epd :smiling_face:

Thank you very much Ellen! I love it! Summer is being weird weather wise here too, either boiling hot or pouring down :weary: Hope you get my card soon. (I will be rooting for NL tonight!)


The following cards have arrived in the last few days:

Thank you so much @Skittykitty for the beautiful card 26 featuring the Horsehead Nebula. I love astronomy :stars::ringer_planet: :telescope: and I absolutely loved the James Webb telescope stamp & the cute decorations too. Such a treat! I have seen Star Trek… such fond memories, of trying to steal the remote from my older brothers and begging for hours to change the channels :joy: I was too young to appreciate it back then I’m sure.

Thank you so much @P05tkatze for cards 23 & 24. I loved both stamps of the cathedral and the championship but the championship one is extra special to me. I feel lucky that someone sent me one :face_holding_back_tears: I’m also amazed that you did the traveling notebooks and I’m curious to see what those are like. Thanks for teaching me so much about the European wall lizard too. It’s a cool picture you took! Not sure I want to encounter him in real life though. Maybe he can come eat the aphids at night and be gone by the time I wake up lol


Card #1 to @Carola22 will be sent this afternoon :love_letter:

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Thank you @Dar for card twenty-seven! This vegetable crate label is funny! I have not seen mad men. Is it funny?


Thank you @WendyKaye for the beautiful vintage card! It sounds like you have a lot of family over. I hope you have an awesome time!


Card #1 from @heddie arrived today. Thanks a lot.


Another beautiful postcard from @sol-capivara arrived today…


I was so sorry, when I read here that you’re afraid of lizards, because you got one from @Skittykitty, but the card was already out then. And funny that we both sent you one nearly at the same time :sweat_smile:.
Oh, and I have to disappoint you again. They are active in daylight, they need the sun to get warm enough to move around.
But they stay out of the way and don’t let come people really close if they notice them. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m glad my cards arrive further, but where are card #18, #20 and #22? :see_no_evil:

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Happy mail twenty-eight on the way today to @Dar, @wanderlustjenn, and @inlostdreams.

Happy mail eighteen on the way today to @WendyKaye.

Happy mail fourteen on the way today to @Greenflowers51 and @marymiller1066.


Today is very nice day, because I arrived card #3 from @heddie )! It’s really interesting) Thank you)


Received card 11 from @KristinaLd


Card #1 to @heddie will be sent tomorrow morning :star:


I received a card from @Jess18877


Hi Ellen!@epd
Long time no see (Is this a kind of Chinglish?), how are you doing? I’m doing fine recently, I took a few days off and took a day to go to the temple :pray:. I felt the most peaceful and calm I’ve ever felt, and by the way, the vegetarian food there is delicious! I received your postcard yesterday, and the cat is so cute! Thank you for your concern, I’m doing fine. I sent your postcard today, I hope you received it smoothly! Happy summer, please take care of yourself.




Dear Jeanne! I am just sitting in a waiting room with my daughter. I should have brought a book with me but at least I took your card with me to finally upload it. Sorry for the delay! Funnily it matches the situation. Thanks for the card. :blush:


Dear Jeanne! This beautiful card arrived today. I hope you had a great 4th of July and a lot of fun at the family reunion. Take care! Alex


:postbox: Card #26 to @zhang040212 was sent Saturday, July 6th (forgot to write it here)
:inbox_tray: Card #27 to @zhang040212 was sent today Thursday, July 11th

@JessBrab and @LiveLaughLoveLeafs as the hosts of this challenge:
@Brandy06 and @P05tkatze have paired up monthly for this challenge starting with July :blush:

:inbox_tray: The July Card to @Brandy06 has started its travel today.

July cards sent to @ramblingtui, @GeminiFootprints, @Aquier, and @Polikarpova_Yana yesterday and today.

Card 18 (I think) to @Skittykitty was sent earlier this week.

Received cards 15 and 16 from @Skittykitty

I love the Crab Nebula. Gorgeous!

I also received cards, together in one envelope, from @ramblingtui

I adore kiwi birds!!


Received July card from @GeminiFootprints today.

I love flamingos. :slightly_smiling_face:
Among my most favorite birds are hummingbirds, cranes (especially Whooping Cranes and Sandhill Cranes), Cardinals, Chickadees, penguins.