1st Italian meetup WPD 2022 in Camerata Cornello (BG)

In collaboration with the Museum of Tasso family and postal history in Camerata Cornello, and Ancai (Associazione nazionale collezionisti annullamenti italiani).
The Museum will be pleased to host the first Italian national Postcrossing meetup on World Postcard Day 1 October 2022.

Hurray! We have the definitive program!

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Camerata Cornello (Val Brembana, Bergamo) Lombardy, Italy.
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Camerata Cornello, via Orbrembo 20
:calendar: DATE: World Postcard Day 01.10.2022
:alarm_clock: TIME: 11:30 -16:30 (Italy timezone)

:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN

11:30 We meet in Camerata Cornello (each on their own) in via Orbrembo 20 (Ostello Brembo), then walk to Cornello dei Tasso, one of the “most beautiful villages in Italy” (“borghi più belli d’Italia”) place of origin of the Tasso family (The Club | I Borghi più Belli d'Italia), guided tour of the village and presentation of the history of the Tasso family, founder of the European postal service, by the Museum - comfortable shoes are recommended, the village has architectural barriers (The Tasso Family founder of the European postal service)
13:30 Lunch at Ostello Brembo (reservations required).
In the afternoon the Ostello will reserve a room for our postal activities, we’ll write and sign postcards, and stamp them with the special meetup cancellation mark (service of Poste Italiane from 14:00 to 16:00).
Then we’ll say goodbye.

Sign up is required.
Participation fee: 5 euros as a contribution to expenses (lunch not included).
Signing up as soon as possible as participant number is restricted.
Anyone is welcome to join.

Contacts: you can send me a private message on Postcrossing forum, or Messenger (Redirecting...), or email web.mgdosio@alice.it.

The postcard and the postmark (thanks to @Paulo :blush: for the approval):

The postcard and the postmark show one of the arcades of the ancient Via Mercatorum that crosses the village (graphics by M.Grazia Dosio aka Melody1).

We look forward to your registrations!


Yeay so nice.

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I will be glad to exchange )) )

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Hello! The postcard will come soon. More info to come, stay tuned! Thank you.


Il programma è molto interessante! Ottobre è un po’ lontano per me, ma mi piacerebbe riuscire a partecipare! :blush:

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Ciao Michele. Sarai il benvenuto. Potrai confermare la tua adesione definitiva entro il 15.07.22 (con pullman o senza). Ti ricordo che con la prenotazione è richiesto un acconto di 5 euro. Il pullman sarà confermato al raggiungimento del numero minimo di 25 persone, e dopo conferma il saldo dovrà essere versato entro il 01.08.22. La quota definitiva sarà calcolata in base al numero complessivo delle iscrizioni raccolte. Ti aspettiamo :slightly_smiling_face:

Update: il programma è stato aggiornato in data 2 giugno, e ognuno raggiungerà Camerata Cornello con mezzi propri (niente pullman privato). Ti invito a leggere gli aggiornamenti sul post principale. Ti aspettiamo in ogni caso!

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Hurray! We have the definitive program! :smiley: The details have been updated on the main post. The images of the postcard and the cancellation mark will come soon!

We have the postcard and the postmark! Thanks to @Paulo :blush: for the approval:

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Hi! I would love to receive this card from one of the meetup participants. Here’s my offer:

I hope that everyone will have a great day!

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Hi! I’d love to be there but I’m not sure I can… we’ll see! Anyway, what if I ask for a postcard in exchange?

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I’ll send you a pm

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Hello! I’ll send you a pm

I would like to swap for this card. I have other meetup cards in return.

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Hello! Please write me a PM with your offer, thanks! :blush:

How nice card !! I would like to trade with you !!
I’m from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and I will be at the Rio de Janeiro WPD meeting this time.

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Hi Valeria! Please write me a PM with your offer, thanks! :blush:

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I know that will have a special WPD from Rio de Janeiro for the occasion because the roganizer is a designer, but I don’t know the postcard yet, it was not showed.
Maybe I will make a special one due to my visit there together with WPD, didn’t decide yet, so it can have two different postcards.
As soon as I have, I will show you the postcard !!
Or from any other place in Brazil, just ask !

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In Los Angeles, there will be a Meet up on same day. Perhaps someone would like to trade with me?

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Thanks Valeria, we can swap. I’d like to receive a WPD card from Rio. Let me know your address by PM :blush:

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Hello kanosis! Please write me a PM with your offer, thanks! :blush: