13 May 2023 - 2nd Meetup in the Principality of Liechtenstein - HURRAY

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Vaduz, Principality of LIECHTENSTEIN
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Restaurant AU, Austrasse 2, FL-9490 Vaduz
:calendar: DATE: 13. May 2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: 10.30 am
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

  1. Meeting the local post office, Städle 38, 9490 Vaduz, the ones that have not ordered the stamps online (https://www.philatelie.li/) have the chance to buy the stamps at the local post office until 11.00 am.

  2. Time for small shopping trip in the Städle (downtown Vaduz)… chocolates, postcards you name it :wink:

  3. 11.45 am stroll (approx. 10-15 min.) to the Restaurant Au, Austrasse 2, 9490 Vaduz where we can order the menue à la carte (everybody at his choice and taste). If anybody is not wanting to walk you can easily hop on the bus and get to the Restaurant.

  4. Get to business and write, decorate, sign postcards

  5. Don’t forget to inform us if you want Meeting Cards, HOW MANY?

We are looking fwd to meeting you all! Thank you and see you very soon :hearts:

Marie (aka pistenqueen) and Anita (aka Zastia)


  1. Pistenqueen
  2. Zastia
  3. Chicken-in-a-Box
  4. amy666
  5. sophia2013
  6. murgtal
  7. schneggisabrina
  8. Azzurri
  9. lanacat
  10. ninnle
  11. swiss-lady
  12. tanparm
  13. Herkules
  14. Barbara58
  15. Stellina96
  16. Tuefeli_7_7
  17. buebemami
  18. nissemor
  19. trauti
  20. thst

Hooray we are happy to welcome you to the 6th smallest country in the world! :liechtenstein:

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oh my God, I want to join :heart_eyes:

Looking forward to meeting you @ Chicken-in-a-Box

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Thanks for organizing! I’ll be there. I would like to order15 meeting cards :grinning:. Can you send them to me before the meeting? See you soon

So cool, looking forward to meet you again

Yes finally a meeting I can join again. I don’t have to work on that weekend so I’m happy to join. Would like to have 20 meeting cards. Thank you

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I’d like to join. Thank you for organising @Zastia and @Pistenqueen

I would like to have 30 meeting cards! Thank you :heart_eyes:

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looking forward to meeting you schneggisabrina

looking forward to meeting you azzurri


Oh great! I love to come as well :blush: Lanacat/ Susanne

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Great! So near my home! I will join too. Looking foreward to meet you all!!! Ninnle/Annina

70 Meetupcards for me please. But no fear - you don‘t have to sign all of them at the meetup :wink: But I‘d love to have some blanc ones too

looking forward to meeting you @lanacat

Looking forward to meeting you @ ninnle

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Me too!!!

Happy to meet you again :wink:

Komme auch gerne
Hätte auch gerne meetup Karten

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Looking forward to meeting you @barbara58

Hi together
Stellina96 and i Tuefeli_7_7 are coming to the Meeting. We both Take 20 card each other. My son Thomas come with us. We looking forward. Thank you very much for the organisation