11th Int. PC-Meeting Bielefeld, 21.-24.10.2021

Will there be a meeting card? If so, I would like to order some.

So far @vara81 showed a design proposition in the German Meetup-Topic.
Maybe he could show his design here as well?

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I would like to do a self-test in the house.

Can we buy a self-test in the house.

yes, we can, cost is € 5, I think.


I received the first batch of the printed cards with my design suggestion today. The quality is ok for I am not an expert in designing :sweat_smile: It will do the job fine :+1:

If anyone is interested in buying some of the cards, please contact me via private message and let me know how much you would like to get. Otherwise it gets too confusing for me and it won´t help keeping the thread organized as well.

I will arrive on Friday, Oct 22 and will bring the postcards along. The cost will be 23 Cent per postcard. No need to send the money up font. Payment is fine in cash or in drinks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

To make sure the cards are delivered in time I can only accept your order up to Wednesday, Oct 13. But I will print some more and these I will happily share with you at the meeting.

And here is scan of the actual postcard:

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For meetup-cards it could be advisable to also have a look into the meetup-topic in the German category:

[MEET-UP] IPCM 11 - Bielefeld 21.-24.10.2021 - viele freie Plätze!

Hi. May I order 50, please? Inger🤩

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can we swap cards

4 am


Mehr Fotos, bitte!

Und allen eine gute Heimfahrt!


Good morning Bielefeld, wishing you all a good and safe journey home. :blush:

Erste Karten sind schon unterwegs. :grin:


I posted some pictures in the German part in the Bielefeld thread. Have a look there if you wish.


4 am … you crazy people! :laughing:

Maybe that is why it was sooo much fun! It was a blast - even under the current circumstances. Hope to see all of you guys and girls again soon!


have a look and join!

[LOTTERY] Bielefeld Meeting 2021 - how many cards? - Games and Activities / Lotteries - Postcrossing Community

Thank you so much dear

@reisegern, @Manu86, @xtlera, @Durin @Desmonia @isagv and @kroete68

for the amazing cards from the Bielefeld meeting, and for thinking of me.
Missed you guys badly.

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thank you very mutch @kugusch received the dargon card today

Many thanks to Isa (isagv) and everyone who signed the super meeting card which I received today :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thank you so much @Joeyana, Melanie for thinking of me. I’m happy about my first Meeting card from Bielefeld!!! Thanks also to those who signed and stamped :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :smiley:

ok…we’ve gotten home, slept, frantically unpacked and repacked the car for another trip, got back from that, and now I continue sorting…

I got lots of “Hauspost” in Bielefeld.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

@friesendeern for the package I got as soon as I got there and opened a day and a half later :wink:
…and for the fireworks view card
…and the neat ice cream eating pumpkin. Love i!

@Wolfsmondfee for the package you brought for me 6500 km …:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
…and for theWPD card you designed

@Speicher3 for the awesome meeting card you designed! So sad you couldn’t come in the end :disappointed_relieved:

@reisegern for the cool hand printed typography meeting card

@Pafel for the neat “mondkind hand made”…I love her style!

@Lotty for the cute Flamingo

@Manu86 for “first choice” :wink:
…and the diamonds :wink:
… and the beautiful frog prince

@Inger71 for the NO meeting card

@mondkind for a rare square nina chen card

@Desmonia for “kero calm and have fun playing with friends”…exactly what I did that weekend :slight_smile:

@Mondfalke for a spooky pumpkin

@isagv for weeding through my many favorites and picking one of my very oldest ones :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Axolotl_ for a rare carnivorous plant. U’m amazed you remembered :smiley:

@Knirin for a new frog

@jofemapa and @Namibia13 for the lovely and generous envelope of your wonderful product, although you weren’t even there yourselves. :hugs:

and from David a heartfelt thanks to
@Inger71 for the NO meeting card
@Desmonia for Elvis


Dear @friesendeern, thank you so much for the wonderful papersisters card from Bielefeld, and dear @reisegern, thank you for your beautifully designed card from this meeting as well!

And many thanks to all the lovely people who signed these cards and brought a bit of Bielefeld to me here in Hawaii! :heart: