11th Int. PC-Meeting Bielefeld, 21.-24.10.2021

Hello nordbear, can you put me on the waiting list for the meeting, please. The e-mail is coming soon.

I would love to be put on the waiting list, please.
You already have my address, @Nordbaer :grin:

I hope the meeting will take place despite the pandemic and I hope I will be able to participate. I might have to bring my little daughter and maybe my husband too (who doesn’t know anything about this yet :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:).

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yes, I have your address, dear @lauranalanthalasa, but I still need an email with your address - for my records, and, most of all, to get your email-address, so I can send you further information when the time has come…

No problem. Email is sent.

Kann ich noch auf die Warteliste?

yes you can.
please read the first post and send the required email.
The German meeting thread is here: [MEET-UP] IPCM 11 - Bielefeld 21.-24.10.2021 - Language & Geographical Communities / German - Deutsch - Postcrossing Community

I will be glad to be at the meeting if movement between countries is free. Sign me up on the “Waiting list”. Or I can be “Day guests”.
Thank you.

I have put you on the waiting list. :slight_smile:

@Nordbaer You can take me off the waitinglist as I discovered that I actually have other plans that weekend.

Dear Nordbear, I just sent you an e-mail. I’m also living in Bielefeld and I would love to join in. I see there are already a lot of people on the waiting list. Nevertheless it would be great to join :slight_smile: It’s also my first time to join in a post crossing-community meeting.
Take care and all the best, Gemma

I’m very sorry, but due to the Corona situation I can only occupy 52 beds, so I had to move the three last registered participants back to the waiting list.
But I’m sure you will get a place… :wink:

My two places of the waiting list will be free - since it turned out to be the week of our family holiday - what a pity … maybe next year!

@Nordbaer - Please remove me from the day guest list. Thanks.

welcome, Julia!

Please remove me from the waiting list. I will not be able to travel to Germany this year.

Muckelmaus und ich treten vom Wartelisten Platz zurück und machen eine kleine Reise

@meiadeleite @paulo @dollart @dandilion @cicus @Inger71 @gforp @Jetske @Lotty @marit_la @JuliannaShv

Important information on the current Corona situation

Dear Postcrossers,

unfortunately it is the case that the incidences are increasing day by day and we will probably not be able to hold our meeting as freely as we would have liked.

In the interest of our health and safety, I am forced to set up the following rules:

Only fully immunised or recovered persons may attend the meeting.

Fully immunised means either having had the second vaccination 15 days ago or having been immunised with the Johnson&Johnson vaccine for which one vaccination is sufficient.

Recovered means that your positive test was at least 28 days and at most six months ago.

In addition, a topical negative test must be presented at the start of the meeting (when entering the house). Alternatively, a self-test can also be carried out in the house.

As there is still no relief of the infection situation in sight (rather the opposite), all these safety measures will probably not be able to prevent us from having to wear masks outside our chambers in the whole house (not in the open air, of course).

I kindly ask you to let me know as soon as possible here in the thread or by email whether your participation is possible or still desired under these conditions.

I’m very sorry, I also think it’s crappy, but unfortunately there’s no other way.

@Nordbaer As mentioned earlier in this tread, you can remove me from the waiting list.

Hi. I am fully vacsineted.
Kind regards Inger in Norway

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I wast planning to come this year any way so you can take me off the list. I understand the rules we have to follow these days. I Hope you can have this meetup even In smaller scale. Enjoy Bielefeld!