11 August 2023 - Meetup at Cleveland Great American Stamp Show

Absolutely. Looking forward to it, too!

Saw you in Cincinnati Thursday. Am planning on being at the GASS; would like a dozen postcards, please. Hope to see you there!

Great seeing you again! Yes, will make a note for some of these postcards for you.

I’d love to attend! 30 cards for me, please. How late can we meet for? Do we bring snacks to share? I’ve never been to an in-person Postcrossing meetup.

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Hello! I am in Cleveland and would love to attend the meetup as I plan to be at the stamp show as well.
I’d like 15 cards, thank you!

I’m planning on making the trip this summer! I’d like 30 cards, if they are still available, please.:raising_hand_woman:t3:

I plan on attending this meetup. I would like 15 cards please.

Hi! I will be attending the show this year. Please hold 15 postcards for me. Thanks very much!

Will make sure we have 30 for you. We have the room for one hour, but after that there are plenty of other areas you’d be able to hang out at after that. The USPS booth will probably be the next stop for many after the meet up.

Kind of you to offer on the snacks, but I believe the convention center has rules against that.

See you in August!

Will make sure I have 15 cards for you SKlenotic86. See you in August!

Absolutely and sounds great that you’ll be able to attend. Will make sure we have enough cards. See you in August!

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Will make sure to have 15 cards for you altalori! See you in August.

Can do, tseryl. Will have enough cards for you. See you in August!

Great! Im excited, it will be my FIRST meetup!

Thank you!

I would love to come. I think I will need 10 cards! I live in Cleveland, and this will be my first meetup!


I’d like to attend but have not yet made travel plans. If I’m able to attend, please let me know by what date you’d need to know in order for me to request cards.

Thank you kindly,


I have never done an in person meetup, I am excited to meet others! I would like 12 cards if it’s not too late!

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Im new to Post Crossing and would like to get involved and meet others :slight_smile: would you set aside 15 for me please. Thank you!

Hi Jay,

I’ll be there! Would you reserve 15 postcards for me? Thanks!
Frank Caprio