Lovely idea @VictorQ! Pity we can’t come. Do you have a meeting card left with the mail man to swap please? We can offer other meeting or WPD cards but also touristic or other ones are a possibility :slight_smile:

I would like to swap postcards

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Hello, I would love to swap the signed meetup card from Madrid. I can offer meetup cards in return or WPCD cards, send on. Oct, 1st with hand cancelled postmark in Berlin.

Who wants to swap with me please :relaxed:

hello, we can exchange, which card are you interested in???

the second card is for the meetups, write me your address privately

Good News!!

Postcard printing on the way!


Would like to exchange the cards for Delhi WPD meetup cards 2022
Delhi meetup card 2

I will be posting them on OCT 1
Interested in this swap??
Please PM me before OCT 1! :innocent: :cherry_blossom:

Me encantaría intercambiar!:heartpulse:

Hi! I really want to get a second postcard with and signature of the participants! write to me personally if possible please

Sure! I is always a pleasure to swap! I write you via private message

Hello! I am going to a World Postcard Day meeting in Melbourne. Below is the meet-up card. Would you like to swap cards with me? Please message me if so!

world postcard day melbourne

I would love to swap! :smiley: I write you a private message.

I would like to swap for card with postman. Here is what I can offer: Обменник – Google Drive
Including card from Minsk meetup

Let’s swap! I like that Caravaca cross.

Hi! I’m visiting in Madrid for some time now and would love to join on Saturday. If it’s possible even without being able to speak in Spanish I’m definitely in! :blush:Would be my first pc meetup!

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Sure! Language should not be a problem. Receive a warm welcome to the Madrid meetup :blush:

The meetup is in the city centre. I hope you are able to arrive well. I will be watching frequently this thread the meetup day for any last hour detail.

Anyway if you have any question do not hesitate to ask.

Hello! Looking for the swap for the second card.

My offer:

Looking to swap from Baltimore, MD, USA meetup.

Sur! lets swap!"

Happy WPD to all!! . At this time all those who rotte me the address have all swaps ready to be signed in the meetup! I wrote you via PM with proof photo! If I forgot someone (i spect not) please write me!

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