1 Feb 2023 Wanzhou 22th Meet-up

I would like to swap with you, I like these:

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Thanks! I’ll write to you a little later when I check the availability of all the postcards.

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I may choose this card if you still want to swap:

Hello, do you have albums in VK, I can’t open your google :sweat_smile:link

If you still want to swap cards, I would choose those cards: :grinning:

Sure! Contact you through DM

hello, I sent you a private message :relaxed:

Hey! Looking for an exchange
Папку можно получить по ссылке:
Обмен открытки

Postcards are all available. How to send - in an envelope or without an envelope?

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Hello, I would like them to be written and stamped separately, without envelope, what about you?
Could you send me your address through private message?

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Good afternoon! I will be very glad of such a postcard. My suggestions are here Почтовая коллекция | Обменник/swap – 479 Bilder | VK

Looking for swap :relaxed:

I will be glad to exchange ))

Hello, very beautiful postcards

, I want an exchange
Postcards can be viewed here
Harry Potter Обмен Гарри Поттер – 155 Bilder | VK
Movies / cartoons / series Обмен:фильмы/мультфильмы/сериалы – 78 Bilder | VK
General exchange Обмен общий – 207 Bilder | VK
Vladivostok and lighthouses Обмен: Владивосток, маяки – 33 Bilder | VK
Meetings Обмен Встречные – 35 Bilder | VK

Hi! I’ll be happy to swap for this beautiful postcard! Pleae dm me if you’re interested, I can offer Russia and various cards, meetup cards, too!

I really like postcards with heroes of “Harry Potter”.
I would like to exchange.
Here are my swap-albums. Please, write me, if you choose smth.

Встречные (meet-up)


Животные - (animals)

Маяки -(lighthouse)

Люди - (people)

Растения - (plants)

Разное - (different)

Сказочное- (fairy tails)

Чай,кофе, вкусняшки - (tea, coffee)

Новогодние - (new year)

Видовые - (views)

Нарисованные города-( drawing towns)

Самовары (samovar)


Ретро - (retro)

Совместные печати (exclusive)


Властелин колец (LoTR)


Гарри Поттер (Harry Potter)


Ирен Хоррорс


Hello! I will be happy to exchange!

My Swap:
Winter, NY, Snow Обмен.Новый год. Зима. – 98 Bilder | VK
Main swap
Основной обменник – 424 Bilder | VK ](Основной обменник – 424 Bilder | VK)

Harry Potter/Lord of the rings: Обмен Гарри Поттер, Властелин Колец – 59 Bilder | VK

My Russia: Fehler | VK

Meet-up: Обмен. Встречные. – 11 Bilder | VK

Blue cat Обмен.Синие коты. Р. Зенюк – 23 Bilder | VK

Beatriss Potter, SesilMary Beiker Обмен. Беатрис Поттер. Феи Сесиль Мэри Баркер. – 69 Bilder | VK

Hello! I really want to exchange for this postcard.

Please take a look at my offer.

Common exchanger Swap — Яндекс.Диск
Postcards from meetings Swap meet-up cards — Яндекс.Диск

Hi! I will be glad to swap for this postcard.

Anmelden | VK - Обменник (General exchange)
Anmelden | VK - обменник Гарри Поттер (Harry Potter)
Anmelden | VK - обменник Толкин (Tolkien)
Anmelden | VK - встречные (18+) (meeting)

Hello, dear chinese postcrossmans :slight_smile: I’m looking for swap for these postcards!! I love HP!)

My albums for swap:
From meet-ups - Встречные обмен – 18 Bilder | VK
Another - Посткросс Ёгозы | Общий обменник – 161 Bilder | VK