01. October 2022 Worldpostcardday Meeting in Viersen

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Viersen, Nordrhein-Westfalen
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Das Käffchen am Steinkreis
:calendar: DATE: 01/10/2022
:alarm_clock: TIME: 11.00-17.00 hrs
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: eating lunch, chatting, writing/ signing cards

WORLDPOSTCARDDAY-MEETUP Saturday 01/10/2022 in Viersen


I’m organising a meetup for Worldpostcardday 2022, who would like to join?
The meetup will be held on Saturday, 01/10/2022 in Viersen in “Das Käffchen am Steinkreis”, which is only about 300 meters from the trainstation (back-entrance). There is room for 30 participants. Start will be 11.00 hrs, finish 17.00 hrs, so there will be enough time for lunch, signing & chatting :slight_smile: As “das Käffchen” is a special place, which employs people with special needs and disabilities, their resources are limited. So we are asked to order our lunch beforehand. To do so, you will get an email from me directly at some point (I’ll mail you an orderform for lunch and meet-up cards closer to the date).

Viersen and “Das Käffchen” are easily reached by train and car from the Netherlands, too. There is a direct train from Venlo to Mönchengladbach, which stops in Viersen. There is also a parking lot.

Meetup-cards will be available, price is not exactly known yet, it depends on how many are ordered. But it will definitely be no more than EUR 0,25 per card. Design is still in the making and you will get a mail closer to the date for ordering.

And last, but not least, I’m getting help with organising from postcrosser Maedje (Yvonne). If you know her and prefer to message her about questions, feel free to do so. However, to avoid confusion: To sign up for participation, we prefer (not a must!) a message under this thread.

More details to follow…

Looking forward to seeing everyone again and/ or meeting new faces! Don’t be shy, if you have never been to a meeting. Just get in touch and we will help you with your questions.

P.S. Communication is possible in fluent Dutch, German and English, so feel free to throw your questions at us :wink:


  1. Jess-Cee
  2. Maedje
  3. Ylvi
  4. Cavana
  5. frewen
  6. Weselfee79
  7. retlaw
  8. xtlera
  9. Axolotl
  10. MagicMarie
  11. Ponziani (abgesagt)
  12. Grobanite
  13. ddf
  14. Snamreh
  15. tika
  16. Caterp1llar
  17. Strickpetra
  18. Heike
  19. Fenja1987
  20. mailsanbuecherwurm (abgesagt)
  21. Sandra0504
  22. meidans
  23. FabulousMerle
  24. Judy2207
  25. Sunnygirl1423
  26. Dina2006
  27. Zizibees

waiting list:

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I would love to participate in this event. :slight_smile:


Ich wurde gerne dabei sein,

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Sorry there has been a problem by registering via personal message.
So here I state that I would like to participate as well in this topic for everyone to be seen

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Bin dabei :slight_smile:

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Ich bin auch gerne dabei.

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I would like to join this meet-up :blush:

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Ich komme auch! Weißt du zufällig, ob es Im Käffchen etwas Veganes zu essen gibt?


ich bin bisher noch nie dagewesen, ich hab das Lokal rein für seine gute Lage am Bahnhof und die guten Bewertungen, sowie Ausstrahlung der Internetpräsenz gewählt. Ich hab allerdings Dienstag einen Termin, um mir den Meeting-Raum an zu gucken und das ein oder andere zu besprechen. Dann werde ich nachfragen. Ich sag die Bescheid, wenn ich mehr weiss.

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Super, danke dir! Falls nicht, esse ich einfach vorher ordentlich. :blush:

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Count me in, Partypeople! :tada: :postcrossing: :clinking_glasses:


I have never been to such a meeting, but I would love to attend if there is still room.
Do I need to bring anything? How does it work?
I’m already very curious to see what awaits me.
Kind regards

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awesome, that you would like to join us at this meeting, I’ve added you to the list. I’ll sent you a personal message later today to answer your question about meetings. Or if you like you can send me one already with all your questions and I’ll get back to you asap! You can message me in German.

I also want to join at this meeting

Cecile/ Grobanite

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Anmeldung von ddf via persönlicher Nachricht (postcrossing ausserhalb Forum) erhalten

I would like to join.

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Ich wäre gerne dabei.

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I’d be happy to join! Ik spreek Nederlands en Engels :slight_smile:


ich möchte gerne mitmachen.
Wie melde ich mich an?

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Das hast du hiermit gerade getan :smiley: